Solid 14K Gold Jewellery

Did you know that all gold jewellery that I make is made with solid 14K gold?

Why have I chosen this material?

Quality and longevity is the long and the short of it. I used to work with a material called gold filled, which is made by pressure bonding an actual layer of gold to another metal, usually brass or copper. It contains about 5% gold. I found this to be a great economical option which cost not much more than sterling silver. It looked and felt the same as real gold and my customers loved it. I was able to offer them yellow and rose gold pieces at a lower cost. 
The problem that I came across is that I was not able to really use the material to the level that I wanted to. I like to be able to form, file, sand and really mould the metal to sit perfectly into the desired shape. This was especially the case with using gold for setting stones. The issue that I ran into is that the layer of gold on gold filled material can be worn down during the making of the jewellery piece. When the gold is worn down then it is possible for the base metal that sits under the gold to come to the surface and oxidise when exposed to the air and oils of the skin. The gold layer can also be damaged during the heating process when parts are soldered together which can cause the copper layer to the surface and have a pinkish appearance. There are methods to help avoid this happening and reverse it but I found that I was spending a fair amount of time trying to ensure this damage was not done or trying to reverse it rather than spending time fine tuning the piece that I was envisioning. 


This lead me to purchasing my first lot of 14K gold and I was in love and never looked back. This decision fits in so well with the ethos of my brand and my jewellery. I always want to be able to stand behind the jewellery that I make 100% and ensure that I am making each piece to the best possible standard and quality in order for the wearer to be able to enjoy for a lifetime. I am not interested in cheap and fast fashion, but slow and sustainable. 

"Buy well, choose well. Make it last." - Vivienne Westwood 
I am committed to creating sustainably by working with recycled materials, not just things like packaging made from recycled paper products but I also work with recycled sterling silver and gold in all my jewellery.
A short supply chain means that you know exactly where your jewellery has been made and who's hands made it and my customers can then be confident that they are getting an authentic, quality product. 
Craftsmanship and sentimentality are so important to me as I want you to treasure the jewellery that you purchase from me and know the story behind it. I think that jewellery that is sustainable and ethical is fundamentally stylish. 


14K Gold Hammered Stacking Rings

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If something on my site catches your eye but it is in sterling silver and you would prefer gold, please contact as most pieces can be made in 14K gold also. 


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