Love, Life and Courage

Sandstorm Sterling Silver Necklace


Love is unconditional, especially when it comes in the form of a fur baby. Not everyone gets this but I know there are lots of you out there that do get it. Especially when you don't have kids in your house, pets then take that special part of your heart and your life. Aussie has been with Justin and me through thick and thin, he has travelled the world with us and had so many adventures that other dogs could only ever dream of (think 7 feet of fresh snow in Lake Tahoe as far as the eye can see). He has always been such a loyal companion to me especially through all of my health issues. After coming home from the hospital after having my spinal fusion surgery, he sat so still for 2 weeks and was so gentle and calm the whole time through my recovery. He was such a good companion throughout the years. It was terribly heartbreaking in early November when we had to make the decision to have him put down. Absolutely hardest decision ever, but health-wise he was going through hell and we didn't want him to suffer any more.
I miss him terribly every day.


Life has been a lot over the past year since moving back from America to my homeland of Australia. The move in itself was a big deal and exhausting and finding an area to put down roots and then finding a house to rent when you have been out of the country for so many years. It was a challenge, to say the least. But through all the stress and uncertainty it was well worth it to end up settling in such a great community in Shell Cove and being so close to the ocean after living in the desert for so many years. I have really enjoyed living in Shell Cove and getting to know the locals and enjoying the beauty in nature of the whole Illawarra area. We have now had another major life adjustment in buying our first Australian home, so once again we are on the move. We do hope this is a long term home and there is no more moving boxes insight for a long long time to come. Part of this move is getting me into a really nice big studio space for me to spread out and be creative and make much more beautiful jewellery.
I am currently trying to devote my time to get my space set up and running as soon as possible to finish off any outstanding custom orders and also work on some new beauties. 
Kiama Seaside Markets


This is where I want to pat myself on the back a little bit, which is something that I don't do very often, but I am trying to do so a little more. Being a creative soul that is also a sensitive one means that I have been having issues with putting not only myself out there but also my jewellery. This is where you run into trouble when trying to make a living from your creative passion as you need to be able to put yourself out there on show to everyone in order for people to know about your story and your service. In the past 6 months, I started doing something that I really never thought I would do, I started putting myself out there and I don't just mean posting on social media, I mean showing my jewellery at local markets. This was nerve-racking for me as the worst-case scenario is that your stuff doesn't go down as well as you hoped and you realise that this dream may not pan out so well. But without putting yourself out there then you are really not giving it a go and giving it a real chance.

So I want to thank each and every person that has visited me at the various markets that I have attended recently and either purchased one of my pieces or just admired them as you have all helped me face my fear of putting myself out there and have helped me to have the confidence to keep doing what I love doing.

The Collective Beat Waterfront Pop-up


A new step into the face of courage has been the invitation to participate in The Collective Beat Pop-Up Shop located at the Waterfront in Shell Cove. This is an 8-week pop-up shop in the brand new retail space, which is offering many of the existing brands available in the other The Collective Beat stores in Kiama and Gerringong, along with some new Shell Cove locals.
I am honoured to be involved and be able to test my toes in a retail environment.
Be sure to stop by and take a look.


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