New beginnings

The Collective Beat has been such a supporter of small business in the local area for years now, and I have been one of those little businesses since 2020. The original flagship store in Kiama is a destination to visit in the heart of bustling Kiama and I have been so happy to have a selection of my jewellery available in this store. If you are in store you will notice that my space is no longer occupied by me, this is not a bad thing, it is actually really exciting, a new era, just a few doors away.

The Collective Beat has opened the doors to its second store in Kiama and it is full of 100% Australian handmade products and artworks. The store is a beautiful gallery with the walls full of a variety of local artists and photographers works along with some lovely locally handmade products such as gourmet foods, dog treats, candles, kiddies clothes, skincare and of course jewellery. I have a full selection of my jewellery available including a case loaded up with those special one of a kind pieces and now featuring a large selection of the ever popular Australian opal rings. 

My passion for handcrafted products is well known, I think there is something really special about products that are fully crafted by hand, and especially when they are made locally. You know exactly who the person is that has designed and made your products and get to know the materials and processes involved. In a world of fast fashion and poor quality it makes me even more passionate about slow made products. 

Be sure to pop in and take browse and find some locally handmade treasures. 

Shop 11, 106 Terralong St Kiama - next to The Original Ice Creamery

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