Lavender Turquoise Ring | Sterling Silver | Size 6 / M




Lavender Turquoise is one of the newer types of Turquoise around but it is one of the most striking stones available. From the Golden Hills mine, this Turquoise is originally found in Kazakhstan and is also known as Kazakhstan turquoise. This rare and beautiful gem has a contrast between the baby blue colour and its dark web-like matrix which gives it an amazing depth, which is why most turquoise enthusiasts would love to have this in their collection.

Turquoise is a most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well-being of the body. It benefits the overall mood and emotion by balancing and inducing a sense of serenity and peace.

  • thick hand textured sterling silver band (6 x 1.5 mm)
  • Golden Hill Turquoise gemstone (approx. 20 x 14 mm) set in a solid sterling silver bezel
  • high shine finish
  • Size 6 (AUS M) 
  • Resizing is a complimentary service included with your purchase. If you need your ring resized, please leave a note at checkout with your desired size or if you don't know your size please leave a note "ring sizer" and I will mail one to you. 
  • The resizing timeline is approx. 2 weeks but I will endeavour to get your new ring to you as soon as possible. I will send you a shipping notification once it is ready to be shipped. Any further resizing requests will incur an additional charge.

Please see the size chart below for sizing help and conversions.

This item is a limited edition, one of a kind and you will receive the exact ring pictured. 

If you have a ring that is the size you are after the easiest thing to do is measure the ring against a ruler to get the inside diameter. The important thing is to measure the INSIDE of the ring as per in the photo below. The thickness of rings varies so it is the inside diameter we are looking for. 
Once you have the inside diameter refer to the below chart to find your size. 
Inside Diameter  US Sizes  Australian Sizes 
14.86 mm 4 H 1/2
15.27 mm 4 1/2 I 1/2 
15.70 mm 5 J 1/2
16.10 mm 5 1/2 L
16.51 mm 6 M
16.92 mm 6 1/2 N
17.35 mm 7 O
17.75 mm 7 1/2 P
18.19 mm 8 Q
18.53 mm 8 1/2 Q 3/4
18.89 mm 9 R 3/4
19.41 mm  9 1/2 S 3/4 
19.84 mm 10 T 1/2 
20.20 mm 10 1/2 U 1/2
20.68 mm 11 V 1/2 
21.08 mm 11 1/2 W 3/4
21.49 mm  12 Y
Inside Diameter
My standard sizes are: 
Extra Small 5.5cm diameter 
Small: 6cm diameter 
Medium: 6.5cm diameter 
Large: 7cm diameter
Extra Large: 7.5cm diameter 
As all of my rings are hand made there will always be a slight variation in sizing due to each individual design. I do endeavour to ensure that my sizing is as accurate as possible and I am always happy to make custom sizes that aren't listed as standard options.

Shipping within Australia:

All orders are shipped via Australia Post.

Order over $150 have Standard Domestic Shipping included.

Orders over $250 have tracked and insured Express Post included.  


Currently international shipping is not available. 


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